Now You Can Make Calls from GOOGLE DUO

Are you wondering how it is happening in the first place? Maybe you want to try it out yourself? To install the app, download Google Duo. You can find out more by reading more.

Google Duo
download google duo


Google’s app, Google Duo now lets you call people (with Android phones) even if they don’t have the app.

Google Duo: How it happens

This only happens when you also have the App Preview Messaging, allowing users to call others who does not have the Google Duo app. Since there is no App Preview Messaging in the App Store, you would not be able to call iPhone users.

Knock-Knock, a feature that lets you show a display of the caller. When you firs receive a call, you have the choice to mute, answer, hang up, or switch cameras as you would have with the Duo app. Once finished with the call, you can block the person, or download the google duo app.

Download Google Duo Below

Click on this link to download Google Duo. Click here to download the App Preview Messaging.


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